I am trying to execute a jar file with higher version of jdk. But it fails & the worst part is I am not getting any error message.

Jar file compiled verison: jdk 1.5
Executed version: jdk 1.7

I assume the jar file is downward compatible. thoughts pls?


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if you get no error message, how do you know it fails? it might just as well have reached a conditional statement and based on that don't run.
or, you didn't set your classpath right, and your OS doesn't know what to do with your .jar file.

In general a jar will run on any higher jre version. It's possible you may run foul of tighter security settings, as there have been a number of changes there since 1.5.
How exectly does it "fail"? - absolutely nothing happens - runs but wrong results etc?
Did you try running the jar with java.exe (as opposed to the normal javaw.exe) so you can see the console output?

I did not see any java process when I tried to execute the jar.

The issue is fixed now. I have removed the CLASSPATH variable, removed the previously instaaled jdk from Server & installed latest jdk version,set CLASSPATH.

Jar file now runs as expected[I'm seeing expected results]. Thanks stultuske & James for super fast response..

I'm marking this question as "Solved"

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