STAR WAYS BUSES is a new bus that wants to launch services in city A but to ease its work it needspre-paid tickets.it plans to use zonal pricingsystems as follows;
i).ticket price per day between zone 2 and 1 is $2000
ii).ticket price per day betweenzone 3 and 1 is $2500, but there is no direct connection between zone 2 and 1 and if a passenger wants to travel between zone 2 and 3he must travel to zone 1 then the destination.

write a program that will be installed on computers which prompts passanger to input their names,age ,original zone,destination zone.

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First, if this is a C problem, you should have posted it in the C forum. So, please tell us if it is, in which case, it can be moved to the appropriate forum.

Second, we don't just solve people's assignments / exercises for them. You have to show that you are making efforts to solve the problem. What have you tried? What are the specific problem(s) you encountered?


yeah, this is too easy, and you have to figure it out by yourself. If you that´s hard you may get a simple developing program from microsoft which by the way, I hate. C one hundred times harder than that and it´s for those who like it otherwise you won´t learn it

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