improve the word jumble game so that each word is paired with a hint ,then the program should display the corresponding hint.use nested sequence to store the words and hint

Your code and question, please.

import random

# create a sequence of words to choose from
WORDS = ("python", "jumble", "easy", "difficult", "answer", "xylophone")
# pick one word randomly from the sequence
word = random.choice(WORDS)
# create a variable to use later to see if the guess is correct
correct = word

# create a jumbled version of the word
jumble =""
while word:
    position = random.randrange(len(word))
    jumble += word[position]
    word = word[:position] + word[(position + 1):]

# start the game
print \
           Welcome to Word Jumble!

   Unscramble the letters to make a word.
(Press the enter key at the prompt to quit.)
print "The jumble is:", jumble

guess = raw_input("\nYour guess: ")
guess = guess.lower()
while (guess != correct) and (guess != ""):
    print "Sorry, that's not it."
    guess = raw_input("Your guess: ")
    guess = guess.lower()

if guess == correct:
    print "That's it!  You guessed it!\n"

print "Thanks for playing."

raw_input("\n\nPress the enter key to exit.")

improve this program in sucha way that there are some hints inside...

Store your words in a word:hint dictionary.