OK my original idea was to create a revision application for android using flashcards that a user could create. the application would provide statistics for how well the person was doing with their revision eg. no of cards correct/incorrect etc. I was then hoping to have an online database where users could upload and download flashcards that they have created.

however my supervisor has basically told me my idea sucks.. so now i'm at a loss as to what to do? the annoying thing is i wrote the proposal for this project in 2nd year and got a 1st so assumed it would be ok to pursue in 3rd year, now I have a week till the deadline for project proposals without any ideas. i've been searching online and through this forum and haven't had much luck.

I was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas for how i can make my original idea more complex?

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How about gamifying your idea a little bit? Instead of simply showing flashcards, how about giving the user the ability to select multiple answers as well?

I'm not sure what the criteria are for your project, but something that could boost the feasibilty of this as a project is a decent backoffice system that builds the questions, tracks the scores and also a high scores list. You can then create a basic administration system where someone could create the flashcards / questions and publish them to selected students.

On the Android side, this gives you the opportunity to perform some REST calls to get the flashcards or questions and publish the results to the server.

I'm sure your supervisor didn't tell you your idea sucks :) What hints, tips or complaints did you receive? Let us know what the criteria are and we can help you come up with a plan.

My supervisor told me that the idea is to trivial, and that I shouldnt pursue it aside from that I didn't really get anything useful from the meeting. I was shown some really good projects that are way beyond my ability so not really of much help to me.

There is no real criteria for the project aside from apparently it can't be trivial. Obivously research has to be involved which is why I wanted to do something education based lots of papers and articles on elearning.

Your idea sounds a lot like some kind of examination suite which is a really good idea however i'm not sure how I would approach it. Some kind of database where a teacher can enter questions with multiple answers. and then users can access the program login with their ID or something and then sit the exam?

logging in as an administrator would give you access to the database so you could create tests etc.

logging in as a student you can sit tests.

I've never worked with databases in java before so i'm not sure where i'd start ? MS Access ?? i'm guessing theres a way to use sql commands in java?
Will do some googling after i finish this message.

I could skip the android bit entirely, it was only part of my original idea because I could talk about mobile devices assisting with learning.

Thanks for the idea really appreciate it. have been majorly stressed since yesterday. I actually never post in forums apart from this one it seems.

YOu may find some useful ideas here.

If you haven't worked with databases in Java then this would be a very good skill to acquire. Java has loads of built-in support for SQL databases, and the JDK comes with a decent SQL database as standard (JavaDB). MS Access is a different question...

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