Hi Everyone, I need to create a quiz game similar to “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” in PYTHON by using a graphical user interface (GUI) in Pygame, but I am not sure how to start? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!!Thanks a lot!!!!

I would start by writing a data file or database that holds the questions. Each question would have an identifier (a primary key), a difficulty level, a subject, a question, a set of four answers, and a marker indicating which answer is the correct one. I would then write a class or set of functions which can read the questions from the database, order them by difficulty, and select one from each difficulty level at random. Then, assuming that you are playing the current version of the game rather than the 'classic' Regis version, you would want a shuffle function to randomize the order and value of the questions below the 9th difficulty level.

Note that all of this is the part that takes place behind the scenes of the game. It is better to write and test these parts separately from the user interface, to keep the design modular.

At this point you should be able to test how these fit together with a simple text version of the game. Once you have it to the point where you are able to play the game as a text game, replace the text interface with the PyGame interface. At that point, I expect you'll be back here looking for more advice :)

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