Hello everyone. I'm quite new to Python and Pygame, and programming in general. I've made a few basic games like pong, frogger and asteroids (the last two took me ages, but I learnt a lot doing them!) Anyway, I'd quite like to have a go at making a 2d side scroller game, but I really don't know how to. All of the tutorials that I've looked at don't mention doing anything like that that they just show how to make the basic games like mentioned above. What confuses me is, 1-how to build the map, because eveything I've made so far just includes a basic 'map' that is just the size of the screen and never changes and, 2-how to scroll through the map when the player is moved. Does anybody here know of any good tutorials on this subject? Or, if it's not actually as difficult as I'm inagining it is, could anyone at least point me in the right direction? Just with an example code using spuares? I would really appreciate some help here, because I'm confused and I really, really want to make a sidescroller game.

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Cheers mate. I checked them out but neither actually explains how

But the descriptions contain links to the source code, which is probably why Tony posted these vids.

Take another look at the videos and follow the links in the description. Then you can download and examine the source code for the examples demonstrated in the vids. From taking a quick look, the code is quite simple and more or less speaks for itself and shows how to implement scrolling.

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