I am using VS2008 to develop web application with vb.net under .net 2.0 and Crystal Report 7.0 reportclass. I have changed some wordings in a Crystal Report template (file1.rpt) which is included in the source program of vb.net (in a .soln file) in testing environment. Now I want to apply the change in the Crystal Report template (file1.rpt) to production, the compiled program . Just figure that I can't find the Crystal Report template at all. All I found are aspx file. Can anyone please advise do I find and change the Crystral Report template in production environment? Thanks.

Well. The most obvious answer would be to ask the original developer where he/she put them.

Perhaps the report files are stored on a repository server behind the web-server. It's quite common you know.

Actually I find the template location for the source file, i.e. before compilation. But I cannot find template path after compilation.

My developers are long gone and no documentation. Thanks.

Can anyone please help? I am desperate.

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