Hi guys I'm having problem in crystal report where my inner join is a success but of my 3 fields that are affected dowsn't show up. The values from 2 tables that match is showing on the crystal report but the 3 fields that has a match doesn't. Tried inputting a formula where 2 fields on each tables are equal to each other. When I did that I saw in my report preview it's okay but when I run the program it gives me an error: This field is not know Details: errorKind.



Problem solved I just need to use some alias to match my records from the fields in crystal report because of using join the field name will have a prefix of their table thus changing its field name and not showing in the cystal report. No need to use formula

Hi, i had the same problem and then i noted that this happen when you copy and paste an element from one subreport to another.
Hope this solve the problem

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