Hi im creating a linked list with these data types
int account_number
char firstName[10]
char lastName[10]
float total_Balance

would anyone give a simple instruction to input/output these. i have tried everything but still doesnt work so far i have done this.

using namespace std;
struct account_query
int account_number;
char firstName[10];
char lastName[10];
float total_Balance;
struct link
account_query data;
link * next;

class Records
link * first;
Records( )
{ first = NULL; }
void write_rec( );

  void Records::write_rec()
          link *newlink;
          newlink=new link;
          cout<<"please enter account_number";
 cin>>newlink->link->data->account_query->account_number; //problem
          cout<<"please enter firstName";
 cin>>newlink->firstName;                                //problem
          cout<<"please enter lastName";
 cin>>newlink->lastName;                                //problem
          cout<<"please enter total_Balance";
  cin>>newlink->total_Balance;                          //problem
          newlink->next = first;
          first = newlink;

void main()
Records s;


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line 13 should be cin>>newlink->link->data->account_number; Compare that with the other errors you posted and you will see what's wrong with them.


you created an object from link that named newlink.you dont use of struct type "link" in statements.the case of account_query is similar too.
instead you should use of objects name's.
link ---> newlink
account_query ---> data

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