Hey guys, so I'm making a board game in java similar to X's and O's on a 4x4 grid but there's different types of pieces etc., but what must be done is you must pick a piece to give to your opponant for them to place on the board and vice verce

Anyone have any idea how to manage this? I have a simple X's and O's game working, but I have no idea how to do what is required

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I have a GUI with the game board on it, was thinking that you press a button to take your turn and it brings you to another GUI where you pick your piece perhaps....and then back to the original game board , but I have no idea how to do this or how to go about the variables etc


Hi John
Your question is far too general for anyone to answer properly - maybe you can explain more about what you already have and where you're getting stuck?


I have an object oriented tictactoe game working as thats the basiscally what the board looks like, a 4x4 grid.

I want to press on a button now and select a piece from another jframe etc and put that on the game board but im unsure of how to apprach this

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