Is there any perl script (Or any script) available so that I can get email ID when user clicked the link .
Suppose I send this similar sample link (Give below) to three person A,B and C
http://www.example.com/cgi-bin/test.cgi (No query_string)
Then I should Get there email address


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No there isn't. The only thing that a cgi would have access to are the attribute headers and (possibly) form paramters. The email address is not contained in the attribute headers (and they cannot be counted on anyway, since the browser can spoof every last one of them). Also, you will only have form parameters if you use javascript to tweak your href into a submit, and then you will only have email address if they have entered it into the form, as this is not a system or user property of any sort, you not even able to use any javascript/activex/whatever tricks to get this info (at least not at all easily, although there are ways, which I am not going to expand upon).

If you have any other option please let me know
Thanks for your reply

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