The title of this is slightly misleading but its also specific to what I'm asking. I've got a project which uses Ogre and CEGUI. I'm only trying to get CEGUI up and running. I don't know that much about compilers and IDE's but I can program and I also read this:

My issue is the compiler cannot find the .dlls that I pointed it to. My specific error is

The program can't start because CEGUIOgreRenderer-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

but I put the path to the .lib and .dll files in my MSVSE C++ 2010 additional library directories where I have verified that the files exist. Yet it is still unable to find this .dll at run time! What am I doing wrong?

Please don't direct me to the ogre and cegui websites, as I've already been there and they were not as helpful as I'd like them to be.

The error is not related to the compiler. When you try to execute the program the operating system is looking for that DLL and can't find it. The DLL must be in one of the folders that is in the PATH environment variable or in the same folder as the *.exe that you are attempting to run.

I have tried both putting the required dlls into the exe's folder and putting the path to the .dlls into the PATH environment variable. I am still getting this error. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm obviously doing something very wrong because nowhere else on the web has anyone else had this error. I've done countless searches.

Did you follow the steps to compile CEGUI library as explained here? It looks like all you get is the source code and you have to compile it yourself to generate the DLL.

Yes I did. I have the dlls on my hard drive but I don't know why they aren't being found. I have a few copies of it but even when I set all of my includes and lib directories to the same directroy containing the dlls it gives me this error. I'm not sure why I have so many copies though... It was a very painstaking and frustrating process to build cegui. I started over many times though I doubt any of those dlls or folders contain old dlls.

[edit] I think I copied the dlls from the build folder into my main folder and that is why there are many copies of them.