Hi Answerers,

I just figured out how to solve my unresolved external symbols by just dragging the project files from explorer (contained in exe's directory) and plonking them in the dll project, under thier own filter!

Original Situation:
I was getting 'unresolved external symbols' errors because I was #include-ing files that my dll needed that resided in the exe's project folder. Guessing I would figure that the .obj files would get built and the .dll would not know where they were to link to them.

My Question:
* Will this cause any problems in the future? - having two different .obj files. One for the .dll and one for the .exe?
* Is there a better way of doing this. - I tried adding the directory of the .exe's .obj files to the .dll's linker settings but it didn't work.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Your biggest problem in the future will be using Visual Studio. In any case, this was NOT a C++ problem. It was a Windows Visual Studio problem.

Many thanks 'rubberman' for your swift reply. Apologies if I posted this in the wrong place.

Your biggest problem in the future will be using Visual Studio

May I ask you to elaborate on what problems I would get?

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