I have an openstack setup with ceilometer (polslter and notifier) installed. I am getting the required metrics like Storaeg_objects_incoming_bytes, storage_objects_size of swift in the metering tab. how ceilometer is getting these metrics.. what are the underlying components of swift which ceilometer api is communicating.. i am writing a python code so that the code would be able to communicate the swift drivers and print the metric...


If you want to know about Swift related benchmarking i would suggest you to have a look at ssbench. The tool provides you all the matrix you are looking for Swift.


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Thanks that is useful. But i managed to get the metrics of swift. the problem in hand is this. when doing ceilometer meter-list, it gives the metrics.Example,

storage.objects.size           | gauge | B         | 1a6a78d1b1e94af8914779fdf67e224c     | None                             | 1a6a78d1b1e94af8914779fdf67e224c |
| storage.objects.size           | gauge | B         | 77a7e09987be4e0085529601a1b49c50     | None                             | 77a7e09987be4e0085529601a1b49c50 |
| storage.objects.size           | gauge | B         | 89fa4ad844344acba263d74c0d02430c     | None                             | 89fa4ad844344acba263d74c0d02430c |

it gives the sizes individually. I want it to aggregate it based on tenant or user. there should be only two meters, one for admin, the other for service.


Unfotunately my knowledge is restricted to Swift and learning the newer added components to OpenStack project. I would request you to follow the official wiki & mailinglist to get direct help from the core developer.
See https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Ceilometer

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