I have to create a program that uses a class Pstring derived from the STL class. The only error I am getting says that I have one unresolved external. How do I fix this? Here is my code:

#include <string>

class Pstring : public std::string
    Pstring(const std::string &text)
        : std::string(text) { }

    bool isPalindrome()
        std::string::size_type len = length();
        std::string::size_type half = len / 2;
        for (std::string::size_type idx = 0; idx < half; ++idx)
            if ((*this)[idx] != (*this)[len-idx-1])
                return false;
        return true;

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I don't get any errors with that code using VC++ 2012. The error is probably somewhere else.

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Odd that your prof is asking you to derive from a base STL class.

All the literature on the net suggests it's a no no. I'm sure there are better learning merits from deriving your OWN class as the syntax looks a little tricky as well.

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