Hi !
I'm trying to find the substring in a shell script as given:

#! /bin/bash
OFFSET=`expr index $HTML $OK`
OK_LEN=`expr length $OK`

var1=`expr "$OFFSET"`
echo $var1
var2=`expr "$OK_LEN"`
echo $var2
INPUT=`echo | awk '{ print substr("'"$HTML"'",var2,var1) }'`

echo $INPUT

But on running it does not give me the output. The output I expect is "OK".
If I hardcode values of var1 and var2 ie if I write the expression as

INPUT=`echo | awk '{ print substr("'"$HTML"'",13,2) }'`

I'm getting the result as "OK".
Can you please suggest how can I use the variables instead of hard coding the parameters.


Got it!
I need to use quotes " ' " $var1" ' " with my variables

INPUT=`echo | awk '{ print substr("'"$HTML"'","'"$var1"'","'"$var2"'") }'`

Or just:

$ awk '{print substr($0,index($0,v),length(v))}' v="$OK"<<<$HTML


$ awk '{match($0,v);print substr($0,RSTART,RLENGTH)}' v="$OK"<<<$HTML
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