You have to implement a file system that should have the following specifications. On the execution of
your code your console should display the following options to the user.
1. Create a new file.
2. List & view existing files.
3. Copy file from windows (.txt).
4. Copy file to windows (
5. Modify.
6. Delete.
7. Defragmentation (Bonus Feature)
System Initialization
At the initialization of file system, a 10 MB file should be initialized. Your file should be divided into 3

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 First portion (1MB) of your file “File_system” should be reserved for the file names and the
starting address of the data in the file. It should be subdivided into sub blocks, each of capacity
500B. In other words, each sub block in the first block (1 MB) of the file should have a capacity
to store file name and starting address which should not exceed 500B.

 Second portion (1MB) of your file “File_system” should be reserved for listing the available
empty (vacant) blocks in the third portion.

 Third portion (8MB) of your file “File_system” should be reserved for the data to be written in
the files listed in first portion of your “File_system”.

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