Hello, Excuse me. I have been using vb 6.0 for more than one year.But now i want to use vb.net. i have setup of visual studio(2010) in my computer but yet i have not installed it on my pc. please tell me that how it will help me in working on vb.net? and how to use it after installing?and, is there any need to install vb.net separately or it will included in visual studio(2010)?

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Just install it, start up Visual Studio, select New Project, select Visual Basic choose Windows Forms Application or Console Application and you are ready to start programming.

You just have to run Visual studio...
the vb.net will be installed (with it (directly)

the vb.net is the updated version from Visual Studio. (old version vb 6.0 does not include framework while this include it so...)

How to use:?
As simple as VB 6.0
run the application
select new project
Select windows form/or else (depend on your form type)
(you can also set frmework version if using visual studio, if VB.net express then manage frmaework by going to project > Compile option and Set advanced setting)

Start Coding as the vb6.0
here the coding somewhat differs than of it too but simple change is given...
such as: textbox1.caption is converted to textbox1.text and this type of changes are observed by me...

I hope I help you out.
if so then Vote up and mark as solved else elaborate your question or what the actual thing that you want in new comment

Here's a great tutorial to get you started with vb.net, I refer to it often myself.

Thanks i will act on your suggestions and give comment.

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