Ok basically i have the expected output. I have tried part of the code however i am confused as to how i am meant to input the students name and their module mark.

Example Input: Commentary:

A N Other The Students name
50 Their module mark
B N Other The Students name
80 Their module mark
C N Other The Students name
35 Their module mark
END Terminator

Expected output:

A N Other Pass
B N Other Pass
C N Other Fail

part of my code:

if (mark > 35) {

    if (mark < 35) {

what do you mean, you don't know how to input the data?
it's you who should know.

anyway, there are different ways. if you are using a command prompt, you can use a Scanner to read the input, and a loop to iterate over the different students. you could also read the input from an input file.