i am just start to learnin python and i want to know some thing about it
1.is is used for web development
2.how can i run python program on my ubuntu os i have python installed on my system but not able to run i don't know how to run python file for checking output?
3.if it is used for web development also then how i can use it i also search about it but not getting proper answer so i came here hope some one give me right direction about it
thank you

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  1. Yes. Check out Google App Engine. Python is used for both application development and server-side development.
  2. python <file name>, as in python hello_world.py
  3. As I said, check out Google App Engine. You can also Google Search python servers to find a suitable python-based web server for you. They will provide you with useful information to get started with their servers.

1.is is used for web development

Python is great for all web stuff you can think of.
Is normal to use Web Framework when making websites.
Django is the most known and has good documentation,some sites run bye Django djangosites.
Some info about setup Apache with mod_wsgi/mod_python here
HOWTO Use Python in the web

There are also CMS like Plone and Django CMS.

Micro framework has in the last couple of year become very popular, Flask, Bottle, Pyramid to mention some.

There a lot of more stuff that make Python great to interact with web,as honorable mention Requests: HTTP for Humans, Beautiful Soup, lxml

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