I am new to java, so please be nice.

I am trying to make an application in Netbeans, i know the basics of how to use the program but get a little stuck when it comes to programming.

At the moment i am trying to get a button to open up another window once it has been clicked.

Can anyone help me? or suggest any good sites which can help me to program.

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RTFM? Go online and look at Oracle's Java documents. It is all covered there. This is not a simple question to answer here without you posting the code with which you have tried to accomplish this.

okay thanks. i will do :)

I'd recommend getting used to programming command line programs in Java before hopping into GUI's. I recommend this because a lot of the underlying functionality is key to writing a good program. If you start at GUI's, you tend to focus more on interface design and less on the program functionality.

If you choose to take this advice, have a look at the following:
Object Oriented Design
Java Types
Java Collections (ArrayList, HashMap, HashSet, Array)
Error Handling

These will give you a good foundation to writing Java programs.

Hope this was helpful

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