hello sir,
i have a xml file like




i need to print the values of author,year if details.name == title
here is my code

DomTree = xml.dom.minidom.parse(file)
book = DomTree.documentElement

for t in domain.getElementsByTagName("title"):
        title_name= t.childNodes[0].data
        print "Title :", tile_name
for tname in domain.getElementsByTagName("details"):
    aname= tname.getFirstChild().getNodeValue()
    if (aname == title_name):
       for aut in tname.getElementsByTagName("author"):
          print "Author : ",aut.childNodes[0].data
       for y in tname.getElementsByTagName("year"):
          print "Year : ",y.childNodes[0].data

error:AttributeError: Element instance has no attribute 'getFirstChild'

please corrct my code to get the required output.
thanks in advance...

You can put in a few test prints (also use type()) to help you debug your code.