hello, I have started learning python these days. Although i am following a course on coursera.org for learning it , but that course is going very very slow. Also, I don't know if that course contains all things which is need to build codes in python. I have very good hand in C and C++ . Can you suggest me some good sources to learn python ? video lectures will be more helpful because i feel comfortable with that. and which IDE i should use for compiling and running my codes ? thanks in advance.

Let me just ask you: Is there really any point in sitting down and learning Python, when you already know C/C++? Let's look at this logically, from gaining knowlege in C/C++ you should have an understanding of syntax and how programming logic works. So, would you benefit from sitting down and actually reading: if x is 10: blah blah - Probably not! Learning the basic structure, is ok. But from there, you should pick a project to do and start from there - Thus meaning you gain quick knowlege and your understanding improves.

Development time with Python is much faster than with C++
The main supporter of Python is Google and they rather successfully use Python internally.

Python, being a high level language, complements the low level C++ language very well. So it is worthwhile knowing both.

Python, similar to Java, is portable across several Operating Systems.

commented: so, according to you should i learn it like syntax and loops and all that things ? can you elaborate ? thanks. +3

@phorce greatly said! it striked my mind. I spent 2-3 days on python till now. After spending some days, am not felling anything that i have done somethng good. your opinion is worthful. Here is the syllabus of the course from coursera.org which i am following :

This class is nine weeks long. For most weeks, you will watch two sets of videos (part a and part b) and then complete one quiz for each set. These quizzes have a soft deadline of Tuesday/Thursday, respectively, and a hard deadline of Saturday. The main task for each week is to complete a mini-project that is due on Saturday. You will then be asked to assess your peer's mini-projects on the following Sunday-Wednesday.

Week    Topics  Mini-project
0   Expressions, variables and assignments   "We want... a shrubbery!"
1   Functions, logic, conditionals  "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock" game
2   Event-driven programming, local and global variables, buttons and input fields  "Guess the Number" game
3   The canvas, static drawing, timers, interactive drawing Stopwatch: The Game
4   Lists, keyboard input, motion, positional/velocity control  "Pong" game
5   Mouse input, more lists, dictionaries, images   "Memory" game
6   Classes, tiled images   "Blackjack" game
7   Acceleration and friction, spaceship class, sprite class, sound Spaceship from "RiceRocks" game
8   Sets, groups of sprites, collisions, sprite animation   Full "RiceRocks" game

so, this is the course which i am following on coursera.org. Please have a look and tell me if it is good to learn and spend time on this.

secondly, Which project should i take and should i take that from python-learning point of view ? Please suggest something good. thanks for your response.


I love this guy, super straight forward and actually shows you errors, gets you to think - I haven't tried others but being a learner, I know this is the best way.

Give it a shot! (I've gone through about 20 Lessons in 8-9 hours now.)

Really great, I definitely recommend the site!

are you talking about the book ? I haven't got any video tutorials on this site. is there any ? thanks.

Pick a project that is interesting to you. I.e. At my University, I've just been assigned to do some research based work with the Leap Motion sensors (I don't know if you've come across those) and instead of using C++ (What I am familiar with) I've chosen to use Python. Have I gone and research and read through 100's of books and documentation regarding it? No. I've sat down, used my brain and realised the things that I picked up in C++ are very similar to those in Python and Googled what I needed.

On a side note: The link that @iwavetostars mentioned is a really good read; I actually want that book as a reference.

@phorce that's nice! I totally agree with you. So, can you recommend how can i start and any project which you can think of ? thanks in advance.