Hello, I have a question about a sheet that we have been working with here for several months and it is now displaying some odd behavior. What we are doing is using a sheet to collect hourly performance data for the machinery that was have running in our areas. It has been working fine until about a week ago and it started to slow down when switching from machine to another machine. We noticed now that for some reason the sheet is now saving twice instead of only once. We have made no change to the VB code but we are finding that it is now slowing things down when we enter hourly data. I cant post the workbook because the thing is kind of a monster but any insight as to why its doing that and where to look for our issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm assuming that you're using Excel 2003. If so, you might check the size of your workbook against the size limits at Click Here
That would be my first suspicion for the slow-down, but I'm lost on the "saving twice" problem.

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