I've done with my project and the instructor said that the file should be excutable file how can I run my project wothput netbean .. I'm using macbook

through a terminal/prompt/...
if it's a class file you are trying to run:
java MyClass
if it's a jar file:
java -jar MyJar.jar

but honestly, if you don't know how to do this, or not even how to find this information on the net, you really shouldn't be working with Netbeans (or any other IDE, for that matter), you should first learn the basics of the language.

Thank you at first I couldn't find the JAR file after I build and clean the project the JAR file showed in my folder

That's right - the jar file (etc if needed) is placed in the dist folder when you build & clean, replacing anything that may have been there before (so don't put anything in here yourself!).
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