Hi, I have a multipage rtf file called Invoice.rtf that I want to cnovert into single page rtf documents called invoice1.rtf, Invoice2.rtf etc etc. Can anyone suggest a way to do this please.

well it is a posibility! if we speak about programming! you can load the rtf page in VB and after that try to delimitate de invoices! if you have one invoice / page it is easy cose you will delimitate the pages and after that for each page you will save it in a new document rtf format! but if the text have no delimiter you will must purge all the test and search after a string or somenthing like that...
for loading a rtf document it is easy. in VB inluce Microsoft Reach Text Box Control, let's name it rtf1. the command for loading is: rtf1.loadfile = "path to your rtf"; for saveing the new page(s) is: rtd1.savefile = "output path". for splitting the text is a bit longer code.. but you can search on google after it. i have no time now but when i will i will write the code for you!
if not, pls remeber me! :D