i am try to compare the Stored-password and Salted Password for the Experiment. Now i have a Stored Password and Salted-password., Stored-password having 72-byte and Salted-password having 18-bytes only, but i facing problem on comparison, how can i compare the both of them.. Here my Code :

 RandomAccessFile raf = new RandomAccessFile(fileName, "r");
 final byte[] stored = new byte[(int) raf.length()]; 
 // in File : "9F3F4E45C0B58B410333D5CB45EB94B708285E80E77F85E1545B9CED25044EAF9158EADB";
 String saltedPw="2013527f8d155ecf0";

 byte[] saltedPassword=bc.getBytes();
 byte[] sha1 = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA-1").digest(saltedPw);
 byte[] md5 = MessageDigest.getInstance("MD5").digest(saltedPw);
 byte[] hashed=(toHex(sha1)+toHex(md5)).getBytes();
 Arrays.equals(hashed, stored);    // its mismatching here

I compared both of them but its mismatching. what is the problem on that.. how can i get the Pin-number.. Anyone help me...

Thanks in Advance.. :)

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Ah, the whole idea of the stored password is to have random bits in there to confuse you. I don't think it's going to be easy to extract the PIN from the store, that would mean PIN's on devices would be completely useless.

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