Hello Everybody,

I want to do a project on Linux Shell Programming for my final yr.Can any one give me some idea about what kind of projects I should choose (do) which have industrial relevance and certainly helps in campusing.

Thaking you,

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Have you thought of anything yet?

I mean, there are loads of things you can do. What type of stuff interests you when using Linux?

I suggest taking a task you do regularly and automating it. Or, maybe try writing a Linux distro's init scripts from scratch-- that would be a doozie!

Perhaps instead of one big project, you could make lots of small ones and link them together under some sort of menu system. Then you'd have an all-in-one utility package of some description.

I want to do projects in linux administration, basically interested in security/protection/authentication etc.
What do you think is the present hottest area? You know I'm asking only for campusing.

hello ppl!!

I am interested in developing a toy OS using Linux. What are the things i must learn as a primary requirement??

If you're interested in building an OS, you should also get into c and c++ programming. If you look around hard enough you can find lots of good tutorials. A lot of times, even O'Reilly books show up online on overseas .edu sites.

Good luck :)

, Mike

if u really want to make any new innovation in shell scripting.
u can make interactive restart mode of linux command prompt.
as u know by alt+ctrl+del it directly go to restart.
u can make change in its shell program.
and make a great thing.
manish jaipur...

Hi everybody......
i am thinking to do a project in linux(shell scripting) for campusing for which i need 2 people to work with me.Interested people can contact me.

Hasmeet Singh.

I am working on unix shell scripting in IT industry.I would like to work on a unix project.I am planning to work with somebody.If anybody interested, please contact me

Hi Hasmeeth Singh... If you are interested pls contact me

i need some linux project topics

hello everyone!
i also want some skill in networking using linux!
i just a student in BSIT right now 2nd yr level. so i need some more suggestion that i can learn from this application!i hope soon that i have!

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