i want to make a reservation system for my DataStructures Project.
THE main requirement is that the complete data file has to be loaded in the memory and then any processing ( entry, deletion, sorting or searching ) has to be performed in the memory ?

where am i going to load the file. cos searching in the file is very easy but i havnt processed the file when it is memory.

secondly i need BST or any other which helps in searching.

create a structure that contains the items for each record in the file. Then either create a linked list or an array of these items and read the file into the structures. You will want to rewrite all this information before the program ends so that the changes will be remembered the next time you run the program.

>>where am i going to load the file.
when the program first starts.

>>cos searching in the file is very easy
searching in-memory is a whole lot easier than searching in a file, especially if you want to use a BST.

You can also try better options for searching such as making the BST threaded.

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