I am confuse about datagrid or table.

How do you use grids like explorer, IDM, utorrent uses.

are they using data grid or table or something i dont know.

cant seem to get it?

will post picture if required.

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A DataTable is the back end container for data, it corresponds roughly to a database table. A DataGrid or DataGridView is a UI control for displaying tabular data. It may or may not bind to a DataTable.

I'm not sure what controls those applications use, they may be custom grid controls. But it's safe to say that they use something like a DataGridView.

It will be something of gridview right? is there any other controls?

Yes, there are many grid controls, but only a couple of standard .NET ones. The standard controls also vary in name and features depending on whether you're using something like Windows Forms, WPF, or Web Forms.

Third party controls are numerous. They could be free, but the best ones tend not to be free.

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