I downloaded eclipse to my windows 8 computer along with the jdk and when I launch eclipse it tells me that it cannot not find the jre or jdk and that it is not in my current PATH. I have tried setting the path to the jdk folder but it still doesnt seem to solve the problem.

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if you go in a prompt, and you run
java -version
does it find your installed Java?

It tells me that, that is not a valid command

It tells me that, that is not a valid command

Which means you either don't have Java installed, or don't have it installed correctly.

you need to set path====like:
mycomputer(right-click)->Properties->Advanced system settings->Environment Variables->in user variables ->check if path is Exit? or not ->If not exit then,click new and set variable ->path ->and give value to set where your jdk installed!
here my example-->C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin\

Try it!
Is that solved your problem?

thanks the only thing I did wrong was when I made the path I stopped at the jdk and and didn't tell it to go to the bin. so thanks a lot, that was a massive headache.

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