I'm working on an a windows phone project where I need to support fully transparent backgrounds in my controls to overlay ontop of dynamic image. I want to use this "new item" path I created to show how many updates an item has. I attached an image showing the effect I'm trying to create. The number needs to be dynamic. I've trying combinding geometries, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to even get started converting both my xaml defined path and text into geometries, and then combinding them with a xor to create the exclusion. It seems like there would be an easier way. I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you.

I am not much deep in windows apps but as searching on net , i get to know that first try to have a tile in backgroudnroudn transparent with PNg image also choose the backgroudn to be trasnparent in Package.appxmanifest

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