I have created an application in c#.
Following are my concerns.
1) create setup file which includes the ms access db
2) identify the location where this db will be stored
3) use this location as the data source for the application

To include the MSADB in your setup file is just a case of including it as a seperate file. The other questions are solely up to you....

If you have VS you can also connect to a database via the Data menu.

If you have VS you can also connect to a database via the Data menu.

Maybe I just have an old school mentality, but I've never handled database connections or data through the Visual Studio UI. I've always done it from straight code.

@deceptikon: As you may have noticed in all my posts, I'm no pro in whatever IT subject here, so connecting to the few "play" DB's I ever set up, it was through VS. I'm aware that databases are a major topic in IT, so if I ever find the time I would certainly like to learn more.

I wasn't implying my way is best practice, just some anecdote on how I work. Maybe I'm just a control freak. ;)

Do a research about AppConfig. It's the a good way to handle your database location issue.

I would agree with deceptikon. Once you get into enterprise level systems, you wouldn't want to use the UI ;)

A better idea is to have two SQL Connection Strings in your app.config (or whatever configuration file you use) and then use those at run time. If you want to play with the database at design time, then you can connect to the SQL Server manually in the data view and run your queries in Visual Studio rather than SQL Server Management Studio :)