I want to install a perl module - "Test-NoWarnings-1.03". But while installing its giving a warning - "prerequisite module (Test-Tester-0.107) is not found".

So I installed this prerequisite module "Test-Tester-0.107" and then I tried to install "Test-NoWarnings-1.03" .But still I am getting the same warning - "prerequisite module (Test-Tester-0.107) is not found".

Basically I was trying to install one "Spreadsheet Read" module in perl to read excel file with 70,000 rows of data and insert into oracle database.But as this module has dependencies on other modules I wanted to install "Test-NoWarnings-1.03" and "Test-Tester-0.107".But I was getting the issue that I mentioned above.

Your help is well appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Use cpanm to install the module and it's dependencies. See cpanm