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I recently installed Python on Windows. I wanted to develop a gui program using Tkinter. The problem is that when I try to import Tkinter module. It gives me a 'module not found' error. But I thought Tkinter was preintalled within Python's installation. It is even more confusing when I look in the Python modules and see a folder named 'Tkinter'! Please, can someone help me.

The python version installed is 3.40 beta 1.
Here is the code I am attempting to run.

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You also have to have TCL and Tk installed. I don't know if it comes with MS Windows or not but this link has a section for installing
Click Here ofClick Here For further help we will have to see more than
"module not found" of the error message as it may be some other module completly.

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I am pretty sure that to import Tkinter in python 3.X you have to type:

import tkinter

instead of

import Tkinter

Seeing the code would help us see the problem.

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