how can i learning java

Do you mean how can you learn Java? There are many ways to learn Java. You could go to a class, and be taught Java, you could read books to learn Java programming, or you could watch videos online. There is one online video resource I would reccomend, . My friend was also intrested in learning Java programming, but he wanted video tourtials. I told him about the newboston and he seemed to learn the syntax easily. Just to let you know, this website teaches you Java programming, and the features of Java, but not the logic part that comes with learning how to program. this site has some very good video tutorials but always remember that Oracle has java well documented and once you learn the basics you'll be able to find most of your tools there, personally when I run into a problem programming Oracle is my first stop before I think about posting on daniweb

@bCubed you sure your link is valuable?

Learn Java Tutorial 1.4- Using the while loop to bark for awhile..

I would call it way out of date given Java 6 is slowly replaced by Java 7 and Java 8 is just behind corner

I will second that concern about using material based on Java 1.6 or earlier.
Oracle officially stopped posting updates to 1.6 last year (see ), and 1.8 is due within 3 months. There point releases are not just bug fixes, they have major language and API enchancements that really change the way you code many programs - for example 1.7 has a complete new way to handle file and directory related applications.
There's no point learning a version that's already been replaced.

IMHO you can't beat the Oracle tutorials.