Hello guys,
First of all sorry for my bad english.
Is there any way how to calculate in listwiev?

I have a list view with two columns, ID and Number, using searching from text box.


     foreach(ListViewItem ID in listView1.Items)

                        if (search.Text == ID.Text)



     ListViewItem ID;
                            ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem Num;
                            ID = new ListViewItem();
                            ID.Text = textBox1.Text;

                            Num = new ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem();
                            Num.Text = textBox2.Text;

Every ID have Specific number(column)

If i found mathes by ID how i can calculate with the number on the same row.
For example
ID: Alex , Number: 100
ID: John, Number: 50

If i type Alex to text box how i can calculate with Alex number?
Thanks so much

Seems to me you would be better of with a DataGridView. Example.

Hi, you may try accessing that particular coulmn of the ListView so as to get access to that number which you are referring to.