I am beginner to Java , I would like to know is there any Difference between JDK 32 bits and 64 bits?
For example in terms of performance or something ?

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ehm ... yes.
the one will work on a 32 bits operating system, while the other one will work on a 64 bits operating system.


In addition, you can run both 32/64 bit Java on 64 bit OS.

The most important property of 64-bit JVM's is that it allows you to have large heaps (4+ GB's) which is not possible with 32-bit JVMs. There are a lot of articles floating around which say that 64 bit apps are faster on 64 bit CPU/OS but at the same time you would find articles saying that running a 32bit JVM on a 64bit OS is much faster.

To conclude, I would rather look at my requirements, do some performance testing and then decide whether the move to 64 bit JVM is justified or not rather than asking strangers on the internet. ;)

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