Hi everyone,

I have an application that i need to distribute as a jar but i have no idea how to create the jar archive as well as something called the manifest file. Basically i have only one class and the main is in that class itself. The path of the of the the file i want to archive is as follows:


and the path of my of my jar.exe is as follows:


Could someone also explain(in detail if possible) to me or direct me to an informative website that explains what the manifest file is all about and also how to write a manifest file.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank You

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Richard West

unless you want something pretty special (like an executable jar file) you don't need to create a manifest file, the jar tool itself creates a default which in 90% or more of cases is enough (in over 5 years I've never needed to write my own).

As to the use of jar, there is quite detailed documentation contained in the JDK documentation which you can download separately.
Basically, from anywhere on your system, type "jar -cvf <jarfilename> -C <path from where to include stuff in the jar> ."