just starting learning java ..
is there drop and drag for objects in java like visual basic
without importing a lot of modules and write a big code to show a window..
writing program for consol it is very good but gui a lot of code for small result..

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yes there is, but if you want to actually learn Java, you shouldn't go for that.

NetBeans is the "standard" Java development environment, and includes D&D window building etc. But stultuske is right - you may learn how to D&D but you won't learn how windows are built and operate in Java. Then, when you want to do something just a bit more complex, you'll be stuck.
Most people here recommend that you start by learning to code some GUIs yourself so you have a solid understanding of the basics, then use a GUI builder tool to speed things up.

Oracle's own tutorials are the definitive source of info here - have a look at

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