I need the programs to these algorithms.
These are the algorithms of the programs of Insertion & Deletion. I need the C++ programs.

temp1 & temp2 are strings
1. temp1= substring (T, 0, ip)
2. temp2= substring (T, ip, length(T) - ip + 1)
3. concatenate (temp1, P)
4. concatenate (temp1, temp2)
5. T= temp1
6. Exit


  1. temp1 = substring (T, 0, ip)
  2. temp2 = substring (T, ip + L, length(T) -ip - L + 1)
  3. T=concatenate (temp1, temp2)
  4. Exit
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Since you're posting to a C++ forum, I'm assuming you know at least rudimentary C++. So the good news is that when you need a program, you can write it.

The bad news is that we won't write it for you. That would be cheating at what is clearly homework.


I can make the insertion and deletion programs but not with these, help me please if you can. Its not my homework


I can make the insertion and deletion programs but not with these

Can you elaborate on what you mean by "but not with these"? The pseudocode is very specific and only needs to be translated to C++. The std::string class has member functions for finding the length, extracting a substring, and contatenation. I fail to see what the problem is.

Its not my homework

It's a beginner's exercise, and thus homework. The term "homework" as concerns our rules spans more than official assignments given to you by a teacher. It also includes exercises you take upon yourself for education purposes.

As such, you need to show proof of effort if you want help.

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Amen to that!
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