Hey guys ! I hope I'm not posting this topic in wrong place .
I'm new to DaniWeb forum , although I've been previously following certain articles as a guest .
Anyway , let's get to bussines .
I have this problem , as titles says , I need to harvest some data from a web page and because I'm mainly famlliar only with local programming , that is I've never written a program that goes online and copies stuff .
So , because I'm best at C++ and C# programming , can anyone recommend any useful readings on this topic , tips and so on ...
I've been also searching through some python tutorials that weren't very helpful so I would very much appreciate if you could recommend what are the best languages for this kind of stuff , and where can I start of .
Thanks !
P.S I've posted in C++ forum because I'm most comfortable with this language .

To do it in either C or C++ you need to read some tutorials about socket programming. There is a difference between MS-Windows and *nix sockets, so you first have to determine which platform you are writing for. Here are some google links that you might find helpful.

cURL is your answer or a scythe... Great for harvesting.