Like for example a person created a photo app every android user used the app and millions used it as well so it became popular.
For example Google wanted to buy it for 2 billion dollars.

How would the person sell the app?
By giving them the software he coded?
Where does the app get stored? Besides on the app store and Itunes store.

Or maybe a person needs a server, then create a website so people could access the app from there, I've seen some apps that don't have websites they are just on Itunes and Google Play Store plus on the app store.

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If you end up selling to a company like Google, they will definitely have a nice contract they want you to sign. That contract will, amongst other things :

  • Transfer all intellectual property (code, design, names etc.) to them.
  • Have a restraint of trade in place to prevent you from writing the same kind of app again, this is to protect their investment.
  • Specify exactly what you need to give them, usually it is all the IP (as in the first point) but could also include a consulting period where you work with their developers while you hand over the code and processes to them. That is, if they don't buy your domains and developer accounts from you.
  • Transfer all hosted server and other online accounts that the application needs to them.

The actuall app will be transfered into the buyers Google Play or iTunes account. Applications do not need websites if they are sold via the Play Store.

At the end of the day, all control and rights for the application will belong to the buyer, with you, the seller, walking away with a nice sum of money.


Have a restraint of trade in place to prevent you from writing the same kind of app again, this is to protect their investment.? Why would I wanna write the same app over again? lol, I can always make a new one in the future.


The same TYPE of app. If you designed, let's say, Instagram, and sold it, the buyer wouldn't want you to create a similar app - that would undermine their investment.


Ok now I understand but who does that anyway? If a person sold the app then walked away with money then the coder can create a newer app by not copying the same app he made then if the company wants to buy then more money :D.


I hope you have a good (great) attorney. If you sold an app that does A to Google (or whoever) for a gazillion $$, then write one that does something entirely different! If it is as great as the first one, then Google (or whoever) will probably pay you 2 gazillion $$ since you have a proven track record!


@rubberman okay lol, read it the 3rd the about the attorney thing lol, I thought you were refering something to piracy cracks I was mis reading the words lol.

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