Well I just started C++ and I'm trying to run the basic "Hello World" program.
But it didn't work i tried EVERYTHING i even clicked the delete button.
But NOTHING I don't know how to run a C++ program. ;(
So can you please help me? ;)

Here is the method.

1) Write the program in a plain text file. People commonly name this something.cpp

2) Feed the plain text file to a compiler and then a linker. These give you an exectuable file.

3) Run that executable file.

So you need to get a compiler, and a linker, and various other programs as well; they often come bundled together. There are many options. What operating system are you using?

Technically-speaking, there is no such thing as a "C++ program", because once you have "compiled" the C++ source code, you have an "executable program" (i.e., a ".exe" under Windows, or no-extension under Unix/Linux/Mac). And running an executable program is the same regardless of language or platform (either go into the command-line interface, go to the directory where the program is and type in the file-name of the program and hit "enter"; or, in the file explorer, you double-click on the executable program file).

I'm guessing that what you are having trouble with is compiling the C++ code to obtain an executable program. If you want us to help, we need more information about what compiler you have installed, and what IDE (development environment) and platform (Win / Linux / Mac) you are using. If you don't have an IDE or compiler, just get CodeBlocks.