how can i show the form

if it already hidden when the user press a button

so the form is hidden

the code i want is :

to show the form if the mousecursor moves at the form area

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what was your code so far?

You haven't shown us the code what you ever try ?
If your Form get hidden on clicking the "Button" then that button code will be: me.hidden() k?
But before this why you don't add the notifyicon with the specific icon.?
Algorithm steps:
Add the Notify icon,
give specific icon (any icon image:necessary),
it it some task/make it as function/event.
ex: on doubleclick_event add the code.
And rest of all so...
If this is not your solution then can you explain/elaborate your thread ?

u mean the form will show on when mouse hover on it?

if you mean on mouse hover then let me say if you are working on specific region and the region you can capture as string and do mousehover effect...

Another method
this will not hide the form.
Change the Opacity of the form.

Are you clear?

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