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What I am trying to do is create a form that is automatically generated and then the values from that form are then used to proceed in the program. Currently to generate my form I am using this function

this portion of the code is not static it is generated with the names of the previous part of the form.

     form = """
            <h2>What fields do you want your employee's on?:</h2>
            def form_creator(name):
                            print name
                            dt = "<dt>"
                            dt_1 = dt+name.title()+":"
                            dt_kill = "</dt>"
                            input_basic_1 = '''<input name="''' 
                            input_basic_2 = """" size="1"> </input>"""
                            generated_input = dt_1+ input_basic_1 + name.lower() + input_basic_2+dt_kill
                            # flash(generated_input)
                            return generated_input
    for i in real_names:
                print ("\n\n"+i+"\n\n")
                form += form_creator(i)

return render_template('assign_score_b.html',form=form)

The HTML code is

{% extends "assign.html" %}
{% block content %}

<form method="POST">

{% endblock %}

Now after I generate the form and then get the varibles from the user I would like to process the form but I cannot seem to figure out how to get the values to be checked. What I was trying to do for the answers was

answers = []
for i in real_names:
    testable_var = request.form[i]
        flash("Please submit an number not a letter")

but when I was trying to do this I got a error request. Using WTForms is NOT an option Your help will be very appreciated Thank you!