Just looking for a push in the right direction. I am overwhelmed by the choice with python at the moment.

What are the best tools for managing consitent ETL operations with data in XML and CSV formats to database, graphs and in future a web app.

for example should I use an ETL product like Data Brewery or PETL.

Use individual libraries such as ElemenTree for XML or CsvKit for well csv.

Should I be pushing data into Pandas dataframes.

Graphing probably use Plotly

There are probably many options I have overlooked. Any ideas or knowedge from expereince would be greatly welcomed.

Need a starting point to learn from and yeah just a little overwhelmed with it all.

Planning to use
python 3.4.1
django 1.7(when released for migrations), though had considered flask due to SQLAlchemy, but its open for grabs I even tried TG2.

Question a bit hard I guess, the choice of packages is I guess the place where Python's there is only one obvious way to do it is a bit void.

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There is a very good option is Kettle tool using Pentaho. Much information exists on the web and is very efficient. I think you will save time and will not be as difficult.

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