Hi All,

I would like to ask one question about "ScrollX". After using this component, my whole porgram is closed automatically when I close the "Form".

Does anyone have better ideal to solve it?


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Just reading up on it the problem might be with directx. Find out which version is running on the computer you want to run the game.

Hi Minimalist,

Thanks. I want to ask you a few question.
1.) How does "ScrollX" component relate with "directX"?
2.) I can find "directX" in system32, but I don't know how to check the verion. My OS is window XP.
3.) My current program is not for gaming. I have some data and I want to show them with a graph. So, I used "ScrollX" component.

Do you have any ideal?


1) From my understanding it is used to allow scrolling of bitmaps and sprites in games. I only read up on it when I came across your question and post 2 links you may follow. The first shows you how to find info about directx and othe enviroment variables on your system.
The next one is a thread about your problem:
My question is why don't you use the graphing controls in vb6? If you run vb6 and go to project you can add graphing controls to your program. I have used them years ago and they are easy to use. Good Luck

Hi Minimalist,
I think something is not corrected in our discussion becuase I have already read above two links. My application is not the normal scroll bar. I used "Quinn-Curtis Scrolling Graph Control 1.0". Is it the same as you told me?
If it is different, what type of "graphing controls" did you use? You can give me "components' name".


I used the controls that shipped with vb6. In projects, components you can add different controls to your project. I have used MS chart wizard which you can add to your project and microsoft chart control 6.0 which you find in controls also.

Hi Minimalist,
Thanks, I try it before, but I get an error. I don't know how to clear old data and redraw again in "MsChart". So, I use "ScrollX" component.
Can you give me a smaple code for reference because I am not familiar with it.


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