Good day guys! Right now I am creating an Simple/Basic Inventory System that just needs to record the Computer in an office and its peripherals. I just started studying C# here in my work and also I have a basic/entry level knowledge in VB6. I just wanna know if you could give me tips on how to create my system and right now I only have one table on my database. It is named PCComp for PC Components and the fields are the following: InventoryID, Inventory Type(this is the Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, etc. and I am using a combo box for this one in the system), Item Brand, Item Name, Serial Number, Date Purchased, Dealer/Seller, Quantity, Warranty, Buyer. Hoping you could give me tips so I can fininsh this as soon as possible. Thanks!

Thank you ddanbe. If you dont mind can you give me tips on how to code the combo box? I have listed the items(Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse,etc.) that I will use in it and the thing that I want to happen is whatever item I choose in the combo box, that is what will appear in the database. Thanks again :)

You need to use the OnSelectedIndexChanged event. This will allow you to grab the current selection from the combo box as it changes.

You would then put this value into your data container so that when you "Submit" your component to the database, it will contain the correct value.

NewbInProg, your database while it contains all the data you want is constructed incorrectly. You will need to create a table for components, brand, type, Dealer/Seller and Buyer. This way you will have a more professional database that even if you are doing this for practice, you are doing it right.
As for the technique of the for tracking the inventory, you can do this using barcodes. Since all products now have barcodes, tracking inventory using barcodes would be as simple as decrementing 1 from the value of “Quantity” field of the database when for example selling.
There are lots of great article on the internet on how to add support for barcode scanning in your application and also lots of ready barcode libraries like zxing, ZBar, leadtools..etc.

Hope this helps.

I agree with Liam, your database needs to show data once and once only, so rather than having a field of 'Dealer/Seller' (for example) in your PCComp table, you have a separate table for dealer, with all the details such as address, telephone etc.This table has a primary key, DealerID, which uniquely references that dealer, and this key is used in you PCComp table.

(sorry i didn't explain that too well, I've got a cold!)