I am having an impossible time finding a solution for this. I need to combine cell contents in an unusual way (see below), based on if there is an "x" in column A. See below for the exact representation of what I need to do in a worksheet with 200,000 total cells of content. Is there any hope? Anyone who can help will be my personal hero for life, and you may save a life (mine!)!

Current data format

A   B   C   D   E
x   a   l   g   
    b   m   h   Title A
    c   n   i   
x   d   o   j   
    e   p   k   Title B
    f   q   l   Title C
    g   r   m   

Needed Format

A   B           C           D           E
x   a b c       l m n       g h i       Title A
x   d e f g     o p q r     j k l m     Title B/Title C

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Hi Jeffrey, I've been trying to accomplish this as per your first post about this but this is no easy task. Maybe someone will come along and be able to do this quicker than me but who knows.

This feels above my understanding and I keep coding myself into circles. Try taking your problem here for this question. There's a lot of excellent VBA talent to chose from here (please don't beat me mods). Remember to come back here though, we need your questions.

Choose, not chose! Darned rush typing.

Perhaps I could do this one column at a time by copying the individual columns into seperate sheets, run a Macro, then copy the reformated info back (EG, just do column A and one other column at a time like below). Would this be easier or possible?

Current format

A   B  
x   a 
x   d  

Needed Format

A   B           
x   a b c      
x   d e f g     

For whatever reason, I just can't make this work properly. I'm still trying though, thought I would let you know.

Thanks, I appreciate it. Perhaps it's a lost cause :/

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